Integrate Employer-Recognized Skills into your Classroom

Students earn employer credentials and increase the value of their degree

We partner with industry and education leaders
We believe that equality in the workforce at scale can lead to systemic change and employers must play a leading role in this change.
Students earn employer credentials and make progress towards their degree
1We partner with employers and educators to make instruction of employer expectations available in any classroom
2Students receive micro-credentials from employers like Google as part of classroom instruction
3Increase Diversity and Inclusion while reducing bias in hiring
Students explore various career paths
1Receive personalized recommendations on career paths and the skills needed to succeed
2Post career questions to gain crowdsourced insights from industry professionals
3View career paths and gain access to the credentials necessary for each one
Employers can now cultivate a workforce with the necessary skills and cultural fit
1Help shape the next generation of tomorrow’s workforce
2Build a pipeline of candidates that have literally met employer specifications
3Some students can even receive interviews from employers from doing well on their credentialing exams
Ease your faculty’s transition to online instruction
1Skills employers value change quickly
2Allow your syllabus to adapt to the changing dynamic speed of industry by having employer badges available in your classroom.
3Instructors can run their entire course online with built-in industry curriculum, automated grading, and a dashboard to track student progress
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