Integrate Employer-Recognized Skills into your Classroom

NexusEdge democratizes access to economic opportunity by integrating employer-defined skills into K-12 and postsecondary classrooms. We believe that creating economic equality at scale can lead to greater systemic change and racial equality.

We prepare students for the workforce by ensuring equal access to quality technical, vocational, and entrepreneurship training.

Our platform is unique in that we partner with employers and integrate their industry expertise as course materials into classrooms so all students have access to top-tier workforce training and possess the relevant skills for financial success. Now students directly learn skills requested by employers while making progress towards their degree.

We have created an ecosystem of employer defined content & assessments that automatically generate micro-credentials/badges to students upon successful completion of exams. Employer partners come from a diverse range of industries to provide a variety of curriculum available to accommodate many course types and programs.

Our solution creates equality for all and increases workforce-readiness for students upon graduation.

See NexusEdge in Action. Learn how to

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- Create economic equality at scale

- Make instruction of employer expectations available in the classroom

- Introduce students to new career pathways and the skills needed to succeed


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